Enabling seniors to live safely at home for longer.

Check on your loved ones anytime, from anywhere, using the Cherry app live feed.

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Individuals with dementia respond best to familiar surroundings. CherryHome can provide reassurance to family members their loved ones are safe at home.

CherryHome sensors integrate into objects already recognizable by your loved one.

Unfamiliar faces or multiple people can often create confusion for individuals with dementia. CherryHome allows family members and/or caregivers to provide care and safety supervision from a distance.

Check on your loved ones anytime, from anywhere, using the Cherry app live feed.

CherryHome can assist in preventing accidents by offering 24/7 supervision and sending notifications of unusual behaviors.

Cherry’s AI monitors movement and interprets behavior to provide feedback and/or concerns.

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Last week we started Joan on a new medication and we think that it is making her restless and sleep less. We are considering taking her off of it, especially now that she’s wandered twice within 24 hours. Thank you Cherry for notifying us. I think things are really starting to come together with our collaboration!

In the rare moments of meeting with my mother, I talk with her about the important things: what dreams she had and what she dreamed about yesterday, and not about how many pills she drank per day.

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How can Cherry Home help with dementia care?

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Here are some more examples of Cherry Home monitoring and providing insights.

Living room

Seems like senior possibly fell.

Tap to see what is going on

Identify every emergency

Living room

Senior seems confused or unable to move normally.

Tap to see what is going on

Notice abnormal behavior


Going to bed, getting up, left the house alone.

Tap to see what is going on

Check on routines

Respecting privacy.


Reviews and experiences.

You and other family members, as well as our professional 24/7 monitoring team, get real time alerts if there is a fall or any concerning behaviors. This means emergency help arrives more reliably than with any other senior care solution. 

Concerning events or behavior can also be reviewed later, so care can be effectively optimized both by you and any care professionals.

Cherry Home is a proven new monitoring technology, designed specifically for seniors at home. 

It is able to identify falls, or behaviors indicating a health concern. And provides valuable insight into how a senior is handling both their day and night routines.

Cherry Home is a sophisticated solution that can delay or reduce the need for expensive in home care, or assisted living.

Making the right decision.

Supporting natural independent living.

No need to wear any technology to stay safe.

No need to press a button in the event of an emergency.

Special innovations help respect your senior’s privacy.

How does Cherry Home work?

We professionally install Cherry home technology in your senior’s home for free, so set up is quick and easy. You just need to confirm you have wifi in the home. We will install within a week of you ordering Cherry Home.


Includes 24/7 monitoring and event support.


Unpaid caregiver

It would be great to have unintrusive tech that allows my Mom have her independence. I could look in on her at anytime and know she’s ok.

2 months ago


Family member

1 months ago

My Mom had a night of unusual activity. Cherry sent me approx 20 notifications since 11:36 PM. I had my audible sound on my notifications off and didn’t see them. I have the sound on now. Last week we started Mom on a new medication and we think that it is making her restless and sleep less. We are considering taking her off of it, especially now that she’s wandered twice within 24 hours. Thank you Cherry for notifying us. I think things are really starting to come together with our collaboration!

Includes hardware installation and set up.

Includes the smart phone app notifications and the ability to check in at any time for peace of mind.

Per month

Cherry Home

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your specific needs.

Set Up

We put Cherry Home camera-based sensors on the walls of each area of the home. They look like picture frames … and yes, you can put your own pictures in the frames if you want!

Our sensors then connect wirelessly to a central unit … its a box that can be put in a cupboard or on a shelf. 

The central unit uses clever advanced software to evaluate what the sensors are seeing and identify any ‘events’ that need to be communicated. 

The system then needs to run for 5 days to calibrate itself to the home … then it is ready to support your needs.

Its so important to do all we can to respect the privacy of your senior. Each sensor has the ability to be put into what we call ‘privacy mode’. This means instead of the sensor showing a video feed, any people in the video are shown instead as ’stick figures’.

Our customers usually prefer to have privacy mode on in bathrooms and bedrooms, and normal video in living rooms and kitchens … but its up to you and your senior how you prefer to set it up.

Cancel anytime, no cancellation fee. Just return the hardware if you cancel.

Here are some reviews and experiences from our existing customers for your reference.

Step 1

Trained 24/7 professionals monitor every time the system identifies and ‘event’. They confirm whether the event is urgent, a concern to consider, or just useful information.
If necessary they immediately contact you, family members, care givers and/or emergency services … knowing this is helping our customers have peace of mind that their senior is now properly cared for.

Step 2

Everyday operation

You and any designated family members get relevant alerts on your phone ... and if necessary a phone call as well.
You can also check in on how your senior is doing through the app at any time. This might include checking on pill-taking routines, or whether they have eaten for example.

As required, professional caregivers can also now review prior events and behaviors and ensure that prescribed treatments are as appropriate as possible.

If something happens you can also easily talk to your senior, using a button on the app. (Your voice comes through the sensors on the wall). This means that if your senior is incapacitated for any reason you can comfort them while help is on the way.

Every day you get a summary of both the day and a night activities. This helps you confirm their daily routine is working well, or understand if it needs to be adjusted.

Free Installation

Picture Frame Sensors

Hidden Central Unit

24/7 Professional monitoring

Realtime Alerts

2 Way communication

Daily Summaries

Stick figures mode

Normal view mode

Discussing the range of caregiving options with the people we care for can be challenging. Agreeing on caregiving options amongst other family members can also sometimes be difficult. Each family situation is unique and special.

We are happy to share our experience on how to best handle these situations if you would like guidance anytime in the process.


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Family member

2 months ago

My name is Renee, I live in Northern California and I first heard about Cherry Home through an agency I contracted with to provide caregivers for my mom since I couldn’t stay with her 24/7. My mom’s health was failing and was not only fearful of living alone but also had several falls. Though I’m with my mom for ~4 days per week and she is with caregivers when I’m away, I felt the Cherry Home System would give me a little freedom to leave her for short periods.

When the camera has noted a possible fall or ’possible assistance needed, I receive a text alert.  The with my input, the camera seems to have learned to recognized my mother and her routines. If there is any question of a fall, I will get an immediate notification from Cherry Home. I now have the ability to add a back-up person to receive notifications in case I’m not able to respond. Luckily, the alert notifications I have received were ‘false’—it’s usually me sitting on the floor! One problem has come up and it’s mainly regarding our home internet. Unfortunately, our wi-fi has completely stopped working due to an outside problem and the company, having noticed that there is no longer a signal, will contact me. Dustin and the team have been very responsive to questions that have come up for me and has been respectful of my time constraints when a hands on fix is needed,Will I continue using this system? For now, yes. The price for such personalized monitoring is reasonable and though my mom is 92, she is quite healthy and strong and walks to the gym 3 times per week. The concern is that she will outlive her money which is used for her care. We’ll see..

A recent picture of my mom and me.


Living room

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Coughing at least 27 times between 07:58 PM, and 02:06 AM.


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Sound anomaly.

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Receive the latest Cherry Home news, events and product updates.





Family member

Cherry home has taken my worries about keeping my dad safe at home. When things aren’t right I am alerted right away. I can sleep at night knowing I’ll be alerted if things seem wrong. About a month ago I got a call, not just a text or email, that dad had been in the bathroom just standing there, about 2 am. When I got there, he had a fever and was delusional. Thanks to cherry home, I was able to get him the help he needed. I recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you!!!

1 week ago



2 week ago

For Conservatorships and/or Court supervised clients, the systems reporting structure was invaluable as a tool to reinforce additional caregivers due to decline in activity levels. Having the data to support the decline and increase in care provides another layer vs word of mouth, especially if a case were to have beneficiaries who did not want expense increased. I feel that my client is much safer with the system.

Cherry Home service helped in an emergency events multiple times. Not only were we contacted immediately, but in one instance Cherry Monitoring actually reported the instance faster than the in person caregiver did to her agency which was then communicated to me.

All team members we encountered were great to work with, especially with a challenging client. Her personality could be quite abrasive at times, and all who visited to maintain the units were great in winning her over, thank youFor all reasons stated above, I would recommend Cherry Home  system  especially for clients who do not have 24/7 care and only partial care or day care only. It is a great tool to help track when care needs to be increased! I would absolutely want to use this for other clients in the.